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We reserve the two weekends prior to the Deer Rifle season for our annual Rifle Sight-in.


This event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and continues to grow in popularity as an organized event to allow hunters to insure their firearms are prepared for the rifle hunting season.

Your $7.00 fee per firearm starts in our clubhouse; verifying the breach and barrel is free from obstructions, your scope/open sights mounts are secure and tight, bore-sighted to insure your new scope is ready for the range or that your existing scope has not shifted since last year. 


You can then proceed to the rifle range and work with one of our range experts to assist you in the actual sight-in process.  You can fire your weapon or our range experts will be happy to shoot it for you.  All stations are equipped with sandbags, sighting scopes, and tools for adjustments as needed. 

Once complete you may return to our clubhouse for a warm cup of coffee, sandwich, and refreshment of your choice.


Dates / Times

November 2 & 3 / 9AM - 3PM 

November 9 & 10 / 9AM – 3PM


Rifles, shotguns, and pistols are $7.00

Black powder is $10.00

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